101 Before And After Pics Of Things Being Restored To Their Original Glory

Inside most of us, there are two wolves, constantly battling each other over what design philosophy is best. One of them is a minimalist that likes order, cleanliness, and simplicity. The other is a maximalist that enjoys hoarding things ‘just in case they’re useful’ and embraces chaos.

Restoring old things, we feel, keeps both sides of you happy: you take something tired and dreary, and, with enough persistence, you turn it into a better, upgraded version of itself. It’s no longer clutter—it’s useful, beautiful, and proof that you’re far more skilled than you might’ve thought at the start of the project.

Before you rush headlong into any project (or you buy out half the local secondhand goods store’s supply of grandfather clocks), it’s a pretty smart move to think about what you’re trying to accomplish. Do you think this will be a one-off thing or do you think that restoration will become a large part of your life?

Originally published at www.boredpanda.com

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