I was devastated when I lost the lead role in Step Up

Lauren Gottlieb recently opened up to mid-day.com

Lauren Gottlieb/Instagram

Actor-Dancer Lauren Gottlieb recently opened up to mid-day.com about how she lost the lead role in the American romantic dance film multi-media franchise, ‘Step Up’ and got Remo D’souza’s ‘ABCD’ instead.

Lauren said, “I was up for the lead in one of the Step Up movies and it was the night I found out I didn’t book the lead. It was between a few of us, so I had gone through the process and it was down to the wire. I found out I didn’t book it but a friend of mine did. I was devastated, crying on the floor thinking my life was over. I thought everything was over because I so clearly saw myself acting and dancing in a film! It didn’t make sense to me because I felt it so deeply. In the moment I couldn’t be happy for my friend because I was so stuck on myself. At 4.30 in the morning I felt that ego leave my body and wished her luck. The minute I sent those messages an e-mail alert came up on my computer. It was from UTV motion pictures that I had never heard about saying things like Remo D’souza and Prabhudeva, the Michael Jackson of India and I thought ‘who calls them self that.’

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