Watch video! When Lauren Gottlieb tried sunbathing in the Worli slums and caused chaos

Lauren Gottlieb caught up for a conversation with

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American actor-dancer Lauren Gottlieb recently caught up with and recalled her experiences in Mumbai when she wasn’t aware of the culture of the city. While filming her debut film, Remo D’souza’s ABCD the team shot in the slums of Worli and Lauren felt it was the perfect spot to sunbathe. 

Lauren said, “I thought it was an English language film, till the day I got onto the plane. I was somewhere over the North Pole and opened up the new edited script it was in Hindi. Eleven days later I was on set with Prabhu Deva, acting in a language I don’t speak. It still terrifies me.”

Sharing a crazy experience she said, “I wasn’t ready for how we were filming. You took a girl from Arizona that lived in Los Angeles for six years and we were shooting in the Worli slums for three months. There was an article that came out, it didn’t label me back then because I’m an American girl and I was playing an Indian. I wanted to stay tanned so I went on top of the vanity van to start tanning and I thought it’s fine no one down there can see me. In the slums the entire village came to the cliff to look at me.”

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