Bonia Tiktok Allegations Explained After Only Chinese Staff Seen In A Viral Video


WATCH: Bonia Tiktok Allegations Explained After Only Chinese Staff Seen In A Viral Video: Recently, a video was posted on TikTok where many grabbed the attention. The video played for 45 seconds and showcases everything that the Bonia brand will do for the customers. From eatables to visiting some new places they showed everything. The company was based in fashion and the headquarters is located in Malaysia. Follow More Update On

Bonia Tiktok Viral Video Explained

Basically, this company was first dealt in fashion but now they see the potential online. Now they enter the online market and also deliver their products online. When the video was posted on the internet, it suddenly became viral. Virtual users came forward to question how can I buy their products, and how can I find a nearby store to buy the products. If you are wondering about all these questions then all your answers are available in this article.

The video was originally uploaded by a Bonia employee at TikTok to recount his month-long experience. In the 45-minute video, the employees talk about a comfortable workspace, free lunch once a month, field trips, and gift-giving on certain days. The audience was crazed after seeing so many benefits. The video got 655.8k views and 7,553 likes on Twitter. Everybody on social media was crazed after seeing the full video.

Bonia Tiktok Allegations Explained

The company recently dropped a message by saying, In light of a recent video being discussed on social media, we at Bonia would like to address and clear any misconceptions it has given about us a company. Diversity in the workplace is important not only for personal career development but integral for us a progressive lifestyle brand. We are and have always been a company that prides itself on nurturing an inclusive work culture.

From our board of directors to our managerial and office staff and frontliners, we are proud to have talents who come from various backgrounds. This video portrays only a part of our company and does not reflect its entirety. Please rest assured that we are actively nurturing diversity from our internal hiring policies and protocols to our training for our staff. We highly value our loyal customer’s views and will always continue to make their brand experience with us better. We hope for your kind understanding.

This long message tells the audience that this brand brings new things for the customers and they are doing everything to get the customers.


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