Exclusive! Gaurav Alugh: There’s no way you can’t like Moose Jattana


Gaurav Alugh and Moose Jattana have been voted out of MTV Roadies. Speaking to mid-day.com post their eviction, Gaurav says, “I feel that if people are targeting me, it’s a compliment. They do see something in me, whether it’s competition or they are afraid, that puts me ahead in the game. So, that was my advice to Moose from day one! I told her ‘You are a strong personality and so am I. I can do tasks well and so can you. Once we pair up we are going to be targeted so let’s get used to that. If you sit down with Moose and have real genuine conversations, there’s no way you can’t like her.”

Moose adds, “I went into Roadies very angry and defensive. If anyone said anything to me I wanted to give it back because I had some baggage.”

Originally published at www.mid-day.com

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