Interview: Monica Bellucci Talks Memory


To say I’m a fan of Monica Bellucci is rather an understatement. She always impresses with her work in The Matrix franchise to Shoot ‘Em Up, and her many Italian feature films – goodness she has had an incredible career. In her latest, Memory directed by Martin Campbell (read our review HERE), she once again takes on a role and makes it her own. Starring opposite Liam Neeson, Guy Pearce, and Ray Stevenson, Ms. Bellucci brings a whole lot of class to the proceedings. In many ways, it’s the perfect role for her. After all, who else could give such grace to the ‘femme fatale’ like Monica. As I said, I’m a massive fan and it was an absolute joy watching her play alongside so many talented folks.

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to some of the most celebrated talents making movies. Yet when you get to sit down and chat with a legend like Ms. Bellucci, it’s unfathomable how incredible it is. We started the conversation about how she approached a role such as this. It was lovely to hear her discuss taking on the character. Working with Mr. Campbell before, it feels as though the two work especially well together, especially since this role feels tailor-made for the actress. Monica’s latest, Memory, is now at a theatre near you, and you really can’t beat this cast.

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