Shubhaavi Choksey: One of the primary things for skincare is meditation


Actress Shubhaavi Choksey, joins as we unveil the beauty and make-up favourites of the stars with `Vanity secrets.’

Your favourite make-up product?
Clinique products

The first make-up product you bought as a teenager?
Revlon French manicure kit and lipstick.

The product you wanted to steal from your mom or sister?
I wanted to steal my mom’s skin, she didn’t use any makeup except for kajal and lip balms.

Your skincare routine?
My day begins with having one litre of water every morning with six almonds that are soaked overnight. I never get out without sunscreen. After removing my makeup at night, I use a mild face wash, then a toner and lastly a moisturiser. One of the primary things for skincare is meditation. I start with it or end with it.

How did you learn to look after your skin and do make-up correctly?
Simple: By getting regular clean-ups done every month, that’s all. There are many people who taught me makeup but two people whom I truly respect for taking the time and effort to teach me makeup are Flori ( my hair dresser during modelling days ) and Rehman ( during Kyunki…Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. )Infact Rehman would come specially for me but he wouldn’t do my makeup, instead he would stand and have me do it myself. Blessed to have him!

Make-up or skincare goof ups from the past?
Oh many! I have realised that before buying a product I always check the expiry date. I have made mistakes in the past and try to avoid it. As far as skin care goes, I strongly believe that every person’s skin differs according to their age, their lifestyle, their health and one should really pay close attention to this aspect. Not try everything that people suggest – It can backfire !

The make-up trend you wish to try?
Iridescent eyes , basically playful make-up looks like bright colours and cool texture. Honestly I have been waiting for a while to try this.

The make-up product you would never be caught wearing?
Never say never. Hahaha. I have always enjoyed experimenting with my looks since school. I get bored fast too so need a breath of change every now and then, so I don’t know what I would or wouldn’t try in the future! One thing is for sure that I won’t be caught as whatever I do, I will do it openly and flaunt it with style!

The lipstick or gloss and eyeshadow shades that are your favourite?
I love red Lipstick, it has always been my number one colour. I love the MAC Lip glass for gloss , Black eye shadow always tops my charts with or without kajal. My pink Dior tint hasn’t left my side for many years now.

The make-up and skincare trick that always works for you?
Take your time while doing makeup and make it look as natural as possible. Secondly, it’s no trick but a tip : Always sleep well and hydrate yourself well for the radiance. Drink lots of water and meditate,what is within reflects outside.  Look for a good dermatologist if any issues are there. Do not get hyper about your skin going bad because then it gets worse, try to be as calm as possible and it might take time but it will become fine!

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