What Is Uncle Waffles Real Name and Age? explored


What Is Uncle Waffles Real Name and Age? explored: One of the hottest DJs on the African continent is Uncle Waffles. She is the hottest DJ in the country right now and she has taken the globe by storm through her dancing. Local Dj Uncle Waffle’s real name is Lungelihle Zwane, rose to fame when her DJing skills scored her more than 4 million views on Twitter, alluring attention from international admirers and stars such as Drake. She has since traveled the globe performing and each and every time she is on the decks, the crowd is in for a good night. In this blog, we are sharing the biography of Uncle Waffles. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

What Is Uncle Waffles Real Name?

At just the age of 22, Amapiano DJ Uncle Waffles is one of the most famous personalities on both social media and the musical scene. This success has become a double-edged sword, of sorts, as she becomes the subject of not only censure but malicious unfounded hearsay. The latest of this hearsay about Uncle Waffles is that she is a transgender lady. While there is completely nothing wrong with beings a trans woman, hurtful things are being stated about trans individuals in general when talking about Uncle Waffles, and as an ally of those who recognize as queer, the DJ felt the requirement to temporarily break her policy of not addressing what is stated about her on the internet.

What Is Uncle Waffles Real Age?

Taking to her IG stories on Thursday, the DJ called people out for not feeling ashamed about their fixation with her gender identity and genitalia. “I am going to address this once,” she stated prior to reminding people that she once stated, “just because someone is a public figure, does not make them your pal.” She also asked, “Is it not strange that you guys are talking about a 22-year-old v@gin@ on social media, asking me to prove it? Please hey, let’s not upset each other.”

Uncle Waffles then shared some comments from a previous post of her viewing the time when a follower asked why she select to call herself “Uncle Waffles” instead of Aunt. “Who are you to even ask this? Why are not you aiming at your own life instead of coming to ask 22 years old girls about their private parts on the web like a loser? Is that not strange to you? That you are on a stranger’s social media asking them to prove their s*x to you?”

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