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Loyalty is celebrated in the US on May 1 in remembrance of the patriots and freedom fighters who risked their lives to free America of colonization. America’s founders are remembered on Loyalty Day when people celebrate their freedom along with remembering the lives that were laid down to achieve it.

Though Loyalty Day isn’t a public holiday, schools, churches and various other organizations participate in parades and ceremonies held in various communities across the nation. No organization, college or school is closed on Loyalty Day. The postal service and public transport are all properly functional with no special reason for traffic congestion.

Loyalty Day: History

Loyalty Day was first observed in the US in 1921. Back then, it was known as “Americanization Day”. This was to counterbalance Labor Day celebrated around the rest of the world on May 1. On the same day in 1930, more than 10,000 veterans who had in their past been posted offshore, staged a rally at the Union Square in New York to promote patriotism.

On May 1, 1949, Loyalty Day was officially declared as an observance through a resolution. In 1950, mass observances began to be held on April 28. More than 50 lakh people rallied in various parts of the country to observe Loyalty Day amongst whom more than 1 lakh people rallied in New York City alone.

On July 18, 1958, the Congress declared May 1 to be celebrated as Loyalty Day in order to remember their patriots and foster love and loyalty for the country.

Loyalty Day: Celebration

On Loyalty Day, according to Legal Information Institute, the US President is requested to issue a proclamation, calling on all the US government officials to display the national flag of United States of America on all government buildings and invite people of the country to observe Loyalty Day with ceremonies that are held in schools, churches, and elsewhere.

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