Father of boy who sang for PM Modi slams Kunal Kamra

Comedian Kunal Kamra, who has been known to make controversial jokes on social media, has once again attracted attention after sharing a video of the boy who sang for Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his recent visit to Germany.

After Kamra posted the edited video of PM Modi and the little boy, the father of the child slammed the comedian, calling his jokes “poor” and urging him to keep his son away from “filthy politics” at the expense of his jokes.

The controversial comedian had posted a video of the young boy singing for PM Modi with a slight twist – by editing the video to make it seem like the boy is singing about inflation in the country, while the prime minister clicked along and nodded his head.

In the video from the prime minister’s recent visit to Berlin, the seven-year-old is seen crooning the song “Hey Janmabhoomi Bharat” in the presence of PM Modi, who embarked on a three-day visit to Europe to hold bilateral talks with multiple world leaders.

Kamra, who has often landed in trouble for his criticism of the BJP and the prime minister, posted an edited video replacing the song with the number “Mehngai Dayan”, a popular folk song on inflation that featured in the film “Peepli Live”.

Slamming the comedian over the edited video the boy, his father Ganesh Pol said, as per PTI, “He is my 7-Year-old son, who wanted to sing this song for his beloved Motherland. Though he is still very young certainly he loves his country more than you Mr Kamra or Kachra whatever u are. Keep the poor boy out of your filthy politics & and try to work on your poor jokes. (sic)”



33-year-old Kamra had added the caption: “Now who did this” to his post. The “Mehngai” video that the comedian shared seems to have been deleted following the controversy. Kamra had also replied to Pol, saying that the video was already in the public domain.

Replying to the father, Kamra had said, “The joke is not on your son, while you enjoy your son sing for his motherland to the most popular son, there are songs that he should listen to from people of his country also.”

(With PTI inputs)

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