Here’s How Many Vehicles Entered Murree on Eid


A full week of holidays has allowed people to step out of their homes and head over to various tourist spots. As always, the most popular spot among tourists is Murree and its surrounding areas.

As per a recent report, 21,095 vehicles have entered and 13,788 have exited Murree since the 2nd Eid Holiday. Of those 21,095, 7,307 were tourist vehicles.

To ensure an easy flow of traffic, Punjab Traffic Police have banned the entry of more than 8,000 vehicles in Murree at a time during the Eid holidays. Chief Traffic Officer (CTO), Naveed Irshad, has ordered the deployment of 360 traffic police personnel to manage the traffic.

While talking to the media, Irshad informed that, despite increased tourist activity in Murree during Eid, the traffic stayed fairly normal. He said that the department has placed wardens and tourism police personnel around all hotspots to assist and supervise the public.

Authorities have also set up a Murree Tourism Police helpline — 15 and 1757 or 051-9269200 — to come to the aid of tourists in case of an emergency. Irshad has especially requested that all drivers maintain discipline on the roads to avoid inconvenience for themselves and others.

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