Indian diplomat Tirumurti’s curt reply to Dutch envoy on Ukraine-Russia war


TS Tirumurti is India’ permanent representative to the United Nations.

TS Tirumurti, India’ permanent representative to the United Nations, on Friday sent out a curt message to those who questioned India’s stance on the Russia-Ukraine war. “Kindly don’t patronise us, we know what to do,” he tweeted in response to the Ambassador of the Netherlands to the UK, Karel van Oosterom, who had given unsolicited advice as to India’s action vis-à-vis the conflict.

On Thursday, Tirumurti put forth India’s stand on the war in the United States. He maintained that India was for an immediate cessation of violence in the region. While condemning civilian deaths, he talked about finding a diplomatic solution to the crisis. He also highlighted the economic hardship faced by the country in the wake of the war, and how India was helping distressed Ukrainians by providing humanitarian aid.

He later shared India’s statement from his Twitter account. Ambassador Oosterom called out India’s no-show at the UN general assembly when it passed resolutions condemning Russia. He tweeted, “You should not have abstained in the GA. Respect the UN Charter”.

To this, the Indian official said, “Kindly don’t patronize us Ambassador. We know what to do.”



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