Inspiring! Indore vegetable vendor’s daughter to become judge; used to study 10 hours per day


Ankita Nagar said she is ranked 5th in the SC quota merit list.

Indore: Ankita Nagar, 25, comes from a humble background. Her father is a vegetable seller. Her elder brother is a labourer at Indore’s sand market. Her mother helps his father sell vegetables. Her younger sister is now a married woman. However, Nagar never let her financial hardships come in the way of her dreams. The result: She has passed the exam for the post of civil judge with flying colours. With her family’s support, her determination and a strict routine — 10 hours of study everyday, she has overcome her financial hardships and has become an inspiration to millions of women like her. 

Ankita said she is ranked 5th in the SC quota merit list. The result was declared a week back, but due to death in her extended family, she couldn’t check. When she checked on Wednesday, her life had changed forever. 

She said her family runs a vegetable pushcart in Indore’s Musakhedi area. Despite financial problems, her parents always encouraged her to focus on education. Her father goes to work at 5 am every day, and her mother joins him at 8 am. Many times she has to help her parents in their small business.

But now, she will render her services as a civil judge in Madhya Pradesh. Her family is proud of her achievement.

Her mother said even though she couldn’t get an education, she left no stones unturned to provide education to her daughter. 

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