Prateek Sharma: Future of cinema is brighter but definitely filled with exciting challenges


Prateek Sharma ( Studio LSD) feels the entertainment industry has been a witness to many changes, more so in the last few years. Being the producer of shows such as Beyhadh 2 and Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan, Prateek hopes that the progress that is happening will help the industry grow.

“Future of cinema is brighter but definitely filled with exciting challenges. With the boom of VR (virtual reality), AR (artificial reality) and MR (mixed reality), now the viewers are not just witnessing an audiovisual tale but they have an extended experience of being a part of the same,” he says.

Talking about how extended reality (an amalgamation of VR, AR and MR) offers a compelling cinematic and immersive experience that exceeds the sensory capabilities of today’s theatres, Prateek says that work is on to keep pace with technical developments. “As I just said, it’s not just that watching a film, but it will be more a personal and enhanced viewing,” he adds.

Prateek Sharma with Shabir Ahluwalia

So, can VR and AR along with well-designed digital dome theatres bring people back to film theatres and give a new boost to the film industry? “With the success of RRR, Pushpa and now KGF2, I can very well say people have never gone away from theatres. Covid was just a sad interval. Give them great content that is no less than a visual spectacle, and the audience will applaud the makers’ efforts,” he explains.

Many opine that the advent of metaverse will change the dynamics of the future movie-watching experience. “Well, metaverse again will be an enhancement to the audience experience. Just like when we progressed, from black and white to colour, 2D to 3D etc. Here it will be a more inclusive and personalised experience,” he adds.

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