Bhart Majha Desh Ahe: For the first time in Marathi cinema, the premiere show of the film was organized for the soldiers


The movie that has been in the news for the last several days is ‘Bharat Mazha Desh Aahe’ directed by Pandurang Krishna Jadhav. Though the producers did not deem it fit to otganise a press show for the critics, the movie has been released in cinemas recently and is getting good response from the audience. Especially the child audiences. Apart from Rajveer Singh Raje Gaikwad and Devanshi Sawant, the film also stars Mangesh Desai, Shashank Shende, Chhaya Kadam, Hemangi Kavi and Namrata Salokhe. Although the film is for every patriot, it is dedicated to the soldiers fighting on the border and their families. Therefore, the premiere show of this film was organized at Belgaum for army officers, soldiers and their families. This is happening for the first time in Marathi cinema.

Regarding this special show, director Pandurang Jadhav says, “Many films have been made on the soldiers stationed at the border. But the film manages to entertain as well as inform. A different battle begins here. Every moment when the war starts on the border is challenging for these families. As much as we respect these soldiers, we should be proud of these families and that is why our film is dedicated to these families. After watching the film today, many army officers, soldiers and their families met me and told me that they got to see a beautiful picture of our house. He shared his feelings with us this time. He commented that this is a touching movie. I was overwhelmed by their response and received acknowledgment of our work. I urge the audience to watch the film carefully. “

Presented by ABC Creations Produced by Ashish Agarwal, the film has a story by Pandurang Jadhav, script and dialogues by Nishant Nathram Dhapse. The film has lyrics by Sameer Samant and music by Ashwin Srinivasan. The film is directed by Nilesh Gawand and shot by Nagraj.

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