BJP scoffs at Rahul Gandhi for asking ‘bolna kya hai’ at meeting


Rahul Gandhi was in Telangana to launch the party’s poll campaign.

New Delhi: BJP leader Amit Malviya took potshots at Rahul Gandhi on Saturday over a video of a political meeting in which the Congress MP asked participants “bolna kya hai (what has to be discussed)”. The BJP leader claimed the video was captured before his rally in Telangana earlier this week. Taking a swipe at Gandhi over his recent Nepal trip, he said this is what happens when a politician does politics in between personal foreign trips and nightclubbing.

“Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi, before his rally in Telangana, supposedly in solidarity with farmers, asks, what is the theme, क्या बोलना है!  This is what happens when you do politics in between personal foreign trips and nightclubbing…Such exaggerated sense of entitlement,” he tweeted.

On Friday, Gandhi was in Telangana to launch the party’s poll campaign for the Assembly elections due next year.

In a bid to prove Gandhi a non-serious politician, the BJP has been taking potshots over his frequent foreign trips and personal life. Earlier this week Amit Malviya tweeted a picture in which Gandhi was seen at what appeared to be a nightclub.

“Rahul Gandhi was at a nightclub when Mumbai was under siege. He is at a nightclub at a time when his party is exploding. He is consistent. Interestingly, soon after the Congress refused to outsource their presidency, hit jobs have begun on their Prime Ministerial candidate…”

Gandhi had gone to Nepal last week to attend his friend’s wedding. His trip took place days after Prashant Kishor refused to join the Congress.

Slamming the Congress party and Rahul Gandhi, BJP leader Manoj Tiwari had also shared the video on social media, writing, “Rahul Bhaiya in party mood after finishing Congress.”

BJP leader Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, while replying to an old Congress tweet, called Rahul Gandhi “Sahab”. The Congress tweet stated, “Desh mai sankat chaya hai, magar sahib ko videsh bhaya hai!” referencing PM Modi’s Europe visit.


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