Massive fire after blast at Tata Steel plant in Jamshedpur, 3 injured

A major accident took place on Saturday at Tata Steel’s coke plant in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. First there was an explosion followed by a fire. Soon the fire took a horrific form. According to news agency ANI, 5 fire tenders are at the spot to douse the fire.

It is being told that this accident happened due to gas leakage during gas cutting and welding in the plant. Chief Minister Hemant Soren also tweeted about the incident and informed that a blast occured at Tata Steel Plant in Jamshedpur. District administration officials are engaged in action for speedy treatment of the injured in coordination with the Tata Steel management.

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According to the information, the explosion was so terrible that its sound was heard far and wide. People got panic after hearing the sound of the blast. It has been reported that one person has been seriously injured in this incident. Two other people have also received injuries. It is being told that this explosion took place between battery number five, six and seven of the coke plant.

Tata Steel said in a statement that an explosion took place in the gas line of battery number 6 of the coke plant at around 10.20 am on Saturday. Right now battery number 6 has been switched off. Work is underway to separate it. It was told in the statement that as soon as the information about the incident was received, ambulances and fire brigade immediately reached the spot.

The entire area has been evacuated. Things are under control now. According to the information received, when gas cutting and welding work was being done in the gas line of battery number five, six, seven then gas started leaking from the pipeline. The gas line contained coke oven gas, also known as carbon monoxide. It is quite flammable. After the explosion, it caught fire which took a horrific form.

According to reports, a contract worker has been seriously injured in this accident. He has a thigh injury. Along with this, the other two contract workers have also suffered minor injuries. All are being treated in the hospital. In the video that came out of the incident, high flames of fire and smoke can be clearly seen coming out of the plant.

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