Ranveer Singh on Divyang Thakkar and Shalini Pandey: These are self made talents


Ranveer Singh is starring in Yash Raj Films’ Jayeshbhai Jordaar, a big screen family entertainer that will present a new brand of hero and heroism that is rare in Indian cinema. Ranveer plays an unlikely hero who stands up for his unborn child and wife and in that process, has to take on his family that’s representative of the patriarchal society that we live in.

Ranveer explains his decision to back these two young newcomers by saying, “I just feel lucky that I got to work with them, because if it wasn`t me it would be somebody else. These are self made talents that were just waiting to explode. I am just fortunate that I am in a position to facilitate and empower that. Divyang is a brilliant director, Shalini is a brilliant actress.”

Ranveer, who had managed to burst into the Bollywood scene because Aditya Chopra instinctively took a punt on his acting credentials in Band Baaja Baarat, says he now wants to back exciting talents in his films because he wants to give a platform to incredibly talented people with no Godfathers to make a name in the industry.

He says, “These people (Shalini and Divyang are talented, and have no connections in the film industry. I know what that means. It just means that getting a foothold in the movie business is that much harder. It`s actually me who feels privileged to be in a position where I can introduce their immense talent to the world.”

A hilarious satire on society – Jayeshbhai Jordaar, produced by Maneesh Sharma, also stars Arjun Reddy famed Shalini Pandey, who debuts on Bollywood’s big screen opposite Ranveer. The film has been directed by debutant Divyang Thakkar and is releasing on May 13!

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