Rapper DaBaby knocked out his landlord’s tooth

Rapper DaBaby (Jonathan Lindale Kirk) has been charged with a felony by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. According to TMZ, in December 2020, the musician beat up 65-year-old Gary Pagar, who rented the property to him. Court documents confirm that Kirk inflicted a number of injuries on him, including a knocked-out tooth.

According to Pagar, DaBaby and his associates rented a private vacation home from him and promised that no more than nine people would come. In the lease agreement, the rapper agreed to these terms, also signing that he would not use the house for commercial purposes – in particular, for filming. However, Pagar’s statement alleges that DaBaby allegedly invited a 40-member film crew to his home to record a music video for rapper Stunna 4 Vegas.

The accuser alleges that DaBaby attacked him when he was trying to enforce capacity rules. After that, according to Pagar, the rapper and his accomplices “threw a pogrom in the house and left, stealing various valuable items.” Representatives of the American media turned to DaBaby managers for comment on the incident.

Pagar whetted a case against the rapper, as well as his supervisor, Virgil Kinza, in February 2021. The music video in query is produced by DaBaby, allegedly “Play U Lay” by Stunna 4 Vegas featuring Jake Paul. They dance jointly and hang in the same red car as in the TMZ footage.

This is the second tape unleashed this month that documented the allegations against DaBaby.¬† Rolling Stone ¬†showed a 2018 video of Kirk inciting a fight when he had previously declared self-defense, leading to the shooting and death of Jaylene Craig. Kirk was not convicted for Craig’s death. However, he was convicted of carrying a concealed weapon in connection with the incident.

Originally published at celebrityinsider.org

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