Trump’s Twitter ban lawsuit gets dismissed


Trump’s lawsuit against Twitter has been dismissed by a judge in California. The judge ruled that Trump’s ban from Twitter until 2021 is still in effect. They have until May 27th to change their complaint. Trump and a group of other people who have been banned have to do this.

Trump initially filed the case in Florida

Twitter transferred it to California (than Facebook). The order says that Trump’s claims that Twitter broke the First Amendment and Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act aren’t true.

They don’t start well, says Judge James Donato in his review. In the end, it doesn’t get any better for Trump and his Twitter exiles at all.

Trump initially filed the case in Florida, but Trump’s Twitter transferred it to California (than Facebook). As the trial went on, Trump submitted a new complaint to try to improve his case.

This isn’t a cynical or misleading rule. It isn’t.
That’s not what Judge Donato said. He said that Twitter did not act like a government agency when it banned Trump’s, even though Trump said that several lawmakers had asked Twitter to do so.

The court throws out a “grab bag” of claims that cite many Democratic politicians who support a ban. Congress can’t look into threats of state punishment, says a report from the report.

Trump and his co-plaintiffs failed to link the statute to their ban. They couldn’t get the judge to apply a Florida law against deceptive trading practices to California, so the judge said Twitter didn’t. ‘At any time, for any reason,’ says Judge Donato. Twitter may also take down or not show the content. These rules are not unclear or misleading.

Trump didn’t have any luck with Florida’s Stop Social Media Censorship Act, which is now in court.

Trump can’t make new claims in an amended filing, and unless the judge’s reasoning changes, the judge’s decision will be the same as this. Twitter may reinstate Trump’s account when Elon Musk buys it. People who use social networks for banning them have had a lot of problems with the law in the past.

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