Working From Office? Keep Your Body and Mind Health by Following These Simple Tips


People have finally started going back to the workplace after almost two long years. While they finally get to meet and greet people face to face, long hours of sitting and less physical activity might take a dig at their health. If you too are worried that working from the office might make you unhealthy, then we are here with some simple tips to stay fit.

Try to stay active

You don’t have to sweat for hours to shed kilos, you can do it by incorporating simple lifestyle changes. Instead of taking a lift choose stairs. When you are on call, converse while moving around, take a small walk after lunch, and stand from your chair for a while instead of sitting for hours.

Snack healthy

When you work for 8-9 hours then it is natural to indulge in snacking. Instead of grabbing a packet of processed chips, cold drinks, and other unhealthy snacks, pick healthy options. Try to keep roasted makhanas, dry fruits, fruits, cucumber and homemade chips with you so that whenever you feel hungry, you can just have it without comprising on health.

Get enough sleep

Leaving early and reaching late often disturbs our sleep cycle. However, we have to give our bodies complete rest to rejuvenate for the next day. Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep to stay fit.

Stay Hydrated

You might forget to drink water when you are too involved in work which makes your body lose its strength. A low water level also makes you feel dizzy and sleepy. Therefore, keep drinking water every hour to stay healthy and hydrated. As summers are here, you can also carry watermelon juice, lemon water, coconut water and other healthy drinks to the office to have a tasty delight.

Keep stress at bay

Communicating with a lot of people, managing things, and an unhealthy office environment can prove stressful for you. Do not ignore mental health and take proper care of it. To de-stress yourself, take a deep breath, go out for a walk, make a to-do and strike things to calm yourself, or just take a break and get some fresh air. Work is important but health is more.

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