Ashneer Grover features in hilarious video on differences between rich, middle-class people

In a new video, Ashneer Grover, Shark Tank India judge and co-founder of BharatPe, demonstrates the difference between directions provided by rich people and middle-class people. Shubham Gaur, a comedian, published a video on Instagram in which he plays Ashneer Grover’s pal. Saloni Gaur also appeared in the amusing video.

‘Rich people giving directions’ was the opening segment of the video. Shubham, who was driving a car, called Ashneer and inquired how to get to his house. He inquired, “I’ve almost arrived. Tell me where I should go.” When Ashneer was seen inside his house, he responded, “Enter the service lane with your vehicle. Outside will be my guard. He will park your car if you ask him.” “Is this person wearing a Gucci T-shirt your guard?” Shubham inquired.

Ashneer’s response was, “He sweeps inside, the guard is someone else. My Maybach will be parked after you enter the building. It’s a little long, so go ahead and cross it. A Porsche is parked behind it. A personal lift, or private lift, is located to the right of the Porsche. It comes to a halt at my front door. Ring the doorbell, please.”

The video then showed Shubham standing on his balcony, giving his friend instructions on how to reach his residence. The words ‘middle class people giving directions’ are written on the clip.

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Shubham guides his friend in the video “Yes, you must exit the roundabout on the left. The road where the puppy has pooped, yes, foreigner. Yes, the damaged road’s broken lane. Why don’t you drive down the road; there’s plenty of parking. I’ll make sure you have a parking spot. Simply bring it in.”

Reacting to the video, a fan said, “This is the doglapan we all wanted.”

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