‘Both Sharifs’ destined to be thrown behind bars soon: Rashid


Former interior minister Sheikh Rashid on Sunday claimed that both the Sharif brothers will be thrown behind bars soon, while also insisting that political parties are on one page for early elections in the country.

“The fire has spread too far and I know and understand this situation well,” Rashid told crowds gathered in Abottabad, Express News reported.

He also claimed that every political party except for Asif Ali Zardari’s Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) are ready for the snap polls.

Rashid, who also heads Awami Muslim League (AML), went on to say that “thugs and looters” are now seated in the cabinet, claiming that he and deposed prime minister Imran Khan knew about ‘conspirers’ four months ago.

“Imran was subjected to a foreign conspiracy and people should take to the streets on the former premier’s call,” he said, terming the protests a movement for Pakistan’s future.

Nearly a week ago, Rashid urged those at the helm of affairs to organise snap elections or the prevailing political situation could result in a deepening of the crisis. “I appeal to those at the helm of affairs and the establishment to hold elections as soon as possible.”

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“If that isn’t done, the situation may not remain under Imran Khan’s control anymore,” he was quoted as saying.

He had also said that, “There’s just one demand and it is to hold the snap polls. A conspiracy is afoot and so the circumstances should be kept under control.”

The AML chief had warned that a long march, if held, could turn bloody, and a solution to the worsening situation should emerge before May 31.

Earlier, the ex-interior minister declared that if there was a “war with institutions”, he would stand by Imran Khan like a rock because he considered him to be on the right side.

He also made it clear that he did not want democracy to end and that the only way to avoid it was by holding early elections.


Originally published at tribune.com.pk

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