Nimrat Kaur’s tattoo is an ode to her bond with her mother


Nimrat Kaur shared a beautiful post on Mother’s Day that caught our attention. Taking to her official Instagram handle, the versatile actress revealed the significance behind her tattoo. Interestingly, the star and her younger sister share the same body art. Nimrat Kaur wrote, “5 years ago, this week my baby sis Ruby and I decided to get inked with something that would celebrate our bond with Mama for life. Which inspired in me the idea of an infinity knot symbolising Mama engulfing, and protecting me and Ruby with her love.”

“They say souls choose each other way before they’re born… Luckiest girls alive to have been chosen by the purest soul we know. Celebrating you today and every day Mama…with the bright sun, smiles, flowers and all things you so dearly love. Happy Mamas’ Day @avinashsethi.10 (and Kitcat in the background),” she further added.

Meanwhile, Nimrat Kaur completed shooting for her next international project, Foundation S2, an Apple TV+ series. Apart from that, the powerhouse performer is earning acclaim for her empowering post on body positivity.

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