Odeya Rush gets on Ray Liotta’s bad side in upcoming thriller


The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news that filming is underway on the thriller Dangerous Waters, which stars Odeya Rush (Let It Snow), Eric Dane (Euphoria), Saffron Burrows (Deep Blue Sea), and Ray Liotta (Goodfellas). Dangerous Waters is the second feature for director John Barr, who made his feature directorial debut with the 2020 thriller Blood and Money. That film starred Tom Berenger as a retired veteran who stumbles across a dead woman and a large sum of money while hunting in Northern Maine.

Written by Mark Jackson from a story crafted by Barr, Dangerous Waters takes place during

a sailing holiday that spirals out of control when a teenage daughter (Rush) traveling with her mother (Burrows) uncovers the dark past of her mom’s new boyfriend (Liotta).

What exactly is his dark past? We’ll have to wait until the movie is released… or at least until the trailer is released… to find out.

A collaboration between Signature Films and Rio Luna Films, Dangerous Waters is being produced by Rio Luna Films’ Suza Horvat and Signature Films’ Marc Goldberg. Capstone Global’s Christian Mercuri and Signature’s Sarah Gabriel and Gareth Williams serve as executive producers, along with co-producers Brianna Johnson and Ben Jacques.

Dangerous Waters is being filmed in the Dominican Republic. Capstone Global is handling worldwide distribution sales and will be presenting the project to potential buyers at the Cannes film market later this month.

I haven’t seen Blood and Money yet, but both of Barr’s movies are sounding interesting to me so far. I’m totally on board to watch a movie about Ray Liotta going nuts during a sailing holiday, which is what I assume happens in this movie. How does Dangerous Waters sound to you? Have you see Blood and Money? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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