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Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) is enduring an onslaught for selling an Alto with an imperfect paint job. Its photographs have turned into a web sensation via social media, making the organization face serious reactions from the people in general.

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The photographs show an Alto with the front half shaded radiant black, while the rear half is black. The dark door mirrors, door handles, and non-alloy rims clearly shows that it is a base-grade Alto, which costs Rs. 1,475,000.

As per a Facebook post, the client bought his Alto from Suzuki Naseer Autos in Karachi. The dealership consented to resolve the issue, in any case, the automaker is yet to remark on it.

Alto is Pakistan’s top rated vehicle and PSMC’s main income generator. Since January 2022, the organization has expanded its cost by about Rs. 250,000. However, it has a few quality control issues, for the most part relating to bodywork.

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After the disclosure of this scenario, the people all over the world are begging the Government to get involved and guarantee about the best control on quality on the part of Vehicle manufacturers, Especially PSMC.

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