Sonakshi Sinha flaunts diamond ring in cryptic post, netizens wonder if she is engaged

Sonakshi Sinha shared a series of photos on her Instagram account of herself with a mystery guy. Sonakshi wore a ring on her finger in the images. Her followers began inquiring if she had gotten engaged to her rumoured boyfriend, actor Zaheer Iqbal, as soon as she published the photos.

On her Instagram account, Sonakshi published three images, all of which had the same caption.

It reads, “Big day for me. One of my biggest dreams is coming true and I cant wait to share it with you. Cant believe it was SO EZI.”


The huge diamond on Sonakshi’s finger is visible in the first photo. She’s also gripping the arm of a male whose face isn’t visible. Sonakshi poses with her hands and face resting on the man’s shoulder in the second photo, without showing his face. Sonakshi smiles in the last photo, showing off her ring.

One admirer wondered if the man in the photos was Sonakshi’s rumoured lover Zaheer Iqbal. “Is EZI for Zaheer Iqbal?” a fan inquired.

Zaheer Iqbal addressed the rumours about him dating Sonakshi Sinha a few days ago. He told, “Now it has been so long, I don’t even care. I am like okay if you think, then you think. Keep thinking. It’s good for you. If it makes you happy that I am with her, then it is good for you. Then if it makes you upset, I am sorry. Stop thinking about that.”

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Zaheer further said, “But it is a part and parcel of this industry. I knew it way before I joined the industry. I knew that actors go through this because I have a few friends who are a part of this industry. (Salman)bhai has always told us that aisa bohot log likhenge (people will write), don’t pay too much attention to it. So, I really don’t pay attention to that.”

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