Students, faculty unable to attend morning classes as KU reopens


A large number of students and faculty at the University of Karachi (KU) were stuck in traffic and unable to attend morning classes in time on Monday after poor security measures resulted in hundreds of vehicles lining up at the university’s various entrance gates.

The varsity had opened up for the first day following the April 25 suicide attack on a van carrying the Confucius Institute’s faculty. Three Chinese teachers and a Pakistani driver were killed in the attack.

As the university reopened, poor security administration led to long queues at the Silver Jubilee Gate, causing a gridlock on the main University Road, as officials checked identification cards and searched vehicles.

Students lined up to get their ID cards checked, while staff employed at banks and post office branches inside the university awaited their turn in a queue, arriving at their offices later than the official time.

A similar situation was witnessed at the varsity’s Maskan Gate entrance as commuters got stuck in a traffic jam around the Maskan Chowrangi and Abul Hassan Isfahani Road.

The paramilitary force was eventually called to intervene and clear the traffic after the situation spiralled out of control.

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Talking to The Express Tribune, a student  said that his first class could not be held because his teacher was also stuck in traffic and could not reach the department on time.

Another student, Zeeshan, said that he was standing at the Silver Jubilee Gate while his class was taking place inside. “We have exams starting on May 17, if this situation continues, I will have to leave my house for the university at 6am so I can reach the exam room on time,” the student added.


A security official said that they had suggested to the university’s administration to allow entry points at Silver Jubilee Gate and Maskan Gate in order to avoid traffic. However, the university reportedly ignored the advice, “causing a serious disorder in the morning that upset everyone visiting the university,” the official added.

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