Dandelion Roots to Ashwagandha, Foods That Can Help You Gain Weight Swiftly


People try to lose weight in a variety of ways. Some start dieting, and others choose vigorous exercise. Some people are thin, and therefore they try to gain weight. They eat various kinds of foods to bulk up but in vain. Both being too lean and being too fat can be injurious to health. Here are some foods that can help in weight gain.


You must have heard about chamomile. It has appetising properties. Chamomile extract increases hunger and has a lot of other health benefits such as helping you get a sound sleep. Use chamomile and its extracts for weight gain.

Dandelion Roots

You may not have heard much about Dandelion Roots. It is an excellent herbal supplement. It is used to increase appetite and weight. Pregnant women also consume it after taking advice from medical experts. A lot of times pregnant women do not feel too hungry. Dandelion roots can prove to be effective in increasing appetite. It contains a variety of nutrients, which makes it a healthy and smart option for weight gain.


Ginger is also a very healthy herb, mostly used to overcome intestinal problems. It also cures cough, sore throat, infection etc. People consume to help with nausea and indigestion. If you do not feel hungry, ginger can help you immensely. Ginger is an effective herb when it comes to keeping the digestive system healthy.

Custard Apple

Also called Sharifa, this fruit is suitable for gaining weight. It has a cooling effect on the body. Hence, custard apples help to keep the body cool during summers. Sharifa prevents anorexia. If someone in your house suffers from anorexia, serve them a custard apple every day.


Ashwagandha is a very popular Indian herb. It has innumerable nutrients that boost immunity. It relieves stress, lack of energy, loss of appetite, fatigue, and anxiety. If taken with a healthy and nutritious diet, it can help in gaining weight.

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