Ira Khan gets brutally trolled for cutting birthday cake in bikini

Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan celebrated her 25th birthday on Sunday. Later, she posted her birthday photos on social media in which she was seen cutting the cake in a bikini with her family.

In the photos, Ira was wearing a cream and yellow bikini while cutting the cake. Meanwhile, her father Aamir Khan, and brother Azad were seen shirtless, clapping for her. As soon as her post circulated, people started trolling her for wearing a bikini on her birthday.

One of them wrote, “Kapde pahan leti bahan tab cake cut krti.” The second one mentioned, “Bechare log k paas kapde Tak nhi h b’day m pehnane k liye ,,koi daan de do inhe kapde….ufff bechare kapdo k maare log.” The third one commented, “Duniya aage badh chuki h aaj pta chala Happy Birthday is kapdo me.”

The fourth person mentioned, “wrost family nd inhe to wakai india se bhar phek dena chaiye.” The fifth one commented, “Ira Khan bahut bold ho gai wasn’t expecting this from ira.”

A few days ago, Ira Khan disclosed that she has been suffering from anxiety attacks. She shared information in that post, and she later revealed what helped her deal with the situation after the attack in another post.

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She wrote, “1 thing that helped my anxiety. I used body scrub for the first time in my life. I only managed to shower after the palpitations had passed but I wasn’t feeling settled and I was worried they would be back. It took a while to figure out what I felt like doing and then actually get up to do it. However, eventually – I took a relatively long shower (mine usually last only 3-5 minutes) with body scrub. Why I think the body scrub helped me is because it made for a heightened tactile (sense organs – touch) experience. My mind shifted focus to feeling the coarse scrub on my body. I was told you’re supposed to put oil after you use a scrub. So then I did that. Then got into those super soft pyjamas from the photo. Then put a face mask. Result: I managed to fall asleep on Sunday night. I don’t know if it will work everytime. It’s also a post attack soothing and not a during attack thing. But I’m also caught up in my own head too much, I think. So increasing the number of tactile experiences in my daily life may be a good idea. And maybe that’ll add to the variables that act as general preventives to unhealthy mental health.”

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