Panchayat’s cast is just as excited as the audience for season 2, here’s why!


Amazon’s Original series Panchayat is back with its season 2 on May 20th. The first season received much appreciation from fans and critics who eagerly look forward to its second season. Beginning with the last episode of Amazon Original’s Panchayat his lead actor Jitendra  Kumar said “many things are happening which will happen on the 20th. The track is very interesting. And in this season, we’ve tried something better.” He added that, “While making the season we weren’t sure how many people would watch it, but thanks to Prime Video’s marketing it was a huge success. Finally, season 2 is here! We’ve gotten more about the village life, working of the panchayat system packed with drama. So I hope people like this.”

Sunita Rajwar talked about her new addition to the cast saying “My character this season is like the cherry on top. I was not a part of Panchayat’s season 1 but after watching it I wanted to be a part of it too. And I’m grateful to TVF, Prime Video, our director, and my co-cast for giving me this opportunity and its kind experience.”

Elaborating on the script ideation for season 2 Chandan Kumar said about his writing that “When we made season 1 we knew where we wanted to take the story, it was planned but of course, there is a little bit pressure.”

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“When you have characters ready one has to put them in a new situation and that brings out the new in the show. So yes, the circumstances for all the characters have changed as compared to season 1. The challenge was to capture everything that was written in the same way. We are a generation who grew up watching Malgudi days, Potli wale baba and I always wanted to bring that magic as a filmmaker, to show this generation the shows we watched growing up. So the thought to make the same village lifestyle-related was inspired from that and I’m glad all ages are liking it.” Said the series director Deepak Kumar Mishra about his venture.

Faizal Malik expressed his gratitude to be able to work as an actor in his professional job. Season one came out in the year 2020 and reached a large audience who have been eagerly waiting for season two as the main character is to return with a romantic story along with its fun-packed dramedy.

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