Prince William jokes about ‘broody’ wife Catherine

Prince William joked his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, would get “broody” if she spent too long around a baby.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Glasgbow

The royal couple paid a visit to St. John’s Primary School in Port Glasgow, Scotland, on Wednesday (11.05.22), where they sat in on a class of seven years olds, who are going through a Roots of Empathy programme which sees 10-month-old Saul Molloy visit every week with his mother to help older children learn about feelings.

Upon entering the room, William joked: “Can you get my wife out of here before she gets broody?”

The couple joined in with nursery rhymes and singing, doing the accompanying actions, and at the end of the session, Catherine asked if she thought more schools should run the programme.

When the 35 children shouted “yes”, the duchess – who has three children with her spouse – said: “We do, too.”

Catherine got to hold Saul in her arms and helped him with a book called ‘That’s Not My Dinosaur’, with the tot’s mother, Laura Molloy, praising the duchess’ “motherly” nature.

She said: “She was really lovely and she said that she would like to see this in every school because it’s such an inspirational programme. She thought it was beneficial and could tell by the kids’ reaction how much they love the baby.

“She also loved Saul too and held him for a moment in her arms and said she loves this baby stage. You could tell how motherly she is.”

The Roots of Empathy Programme has been running in Scotland for 12 years through Action For Children, of which Catherine is patron, and the couple got to speak to 12-year-old Annie Jones and Zac Hughes, who had taken the classes when they were younger.

Catherine said: “Amazing just watching, seeing how they reacted to different situations. Do you think enough young people know about empathy and what it means?”

The 40-year-old duchess also bonded with another youngster over their love of climbing trees.

Year 1 teacher Kimberley Murray said: “The Duchess asked Jacob, who is five years old, what he likes to do, and he said he likes climbing trees. The Duchess replied: ‘I like climbing trees as well.’”

The couple were presented with a bottle of gin on behalf of the school.

William joked: “Well, that’s mine.”

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