Bomb scare or firecracker scare? Here’s what happened at Pune’s Railway Station today

False alarms have become quite common these days. From fake terrorist attacks to fake bomb scares, people often end up believe anything that I in the air.

Earlier today, the Government Railway Police announced that a suspicious object was spotted on the premises of Pune railway station today. Following this, two platforms on the railway station were cleared as it was later found that the object wasn’t suspicious.

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The Bomb Detection & Disposal Squad (BDDS) reached the spot immediately and took the object for examination. A statement was then released by the Superintendent of Police, Government Railway Police that read, “The object found was not gelatine, it looked like a cracker. BDDS teams of the Pune police and railway police have taken the object out of the railway station and they have verified it.”

As per him, the object was in a box near the waiting room and the Railway Protection Force (RPF) had alerted them about the same.

Based on an official from the BDDS, three firecracker tubes were tied together with the help of some wire.

“The object has no detonator or explosive substance inside it. We will dispose it”, the officers clarified.

Such an incident took place at a beach in Uran yesterday. The news of explosive kinds of objects spread like fire and large number of locals stared running to the Kegaon Beach in Uran.

Thereafter, the Mora police reached the spot and clarified that the suspected explosives were just flares.

These flares are used as distress signalling to other vessels or shops to get help. Right after they are shot with an air gun, one can see light.

False alarms like these are a great example to know how any news can spread from one arena to another leading to undue chaos at times. Hence, it is crucial to remain vigilant when you get to know about any such thing and not just follow the crowd.


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