How to Design Your Kitchen According to Vastu Shastra


Following the traditional Indian form of architecture, also known as Vastu Shastra, can potentially bring good vibes to your living space. One of the most crucial parts of a house is the kitchen. With some help from Vastu, you can convert your kitchen into a place that sends out healthy vibes.

Speaking to Architectural Digest, Vastu expert Ashna Ddhannak stated that one of the first steps you should take to ensure your kitchen is enveloped in positive vibes is to see how the elements of earth, sky, air, fire, and water are in balance. Ddhannak says that one should change or amend certain areas in the kitchen to increase the positive energy in your home.

Here are some of the things one should keep in mind while designing a kitchen according to Vastu:

The Lord of Fire is most effective in the southeast direction of a home, hence the ideal placement of the kitchen is in the southeast direction. Objects that represent fire, like gas stoves, cylinders, microwave ovens, toasters, and others, should be placed in the southeast part of the kitchen, Ddhannak told AD. The Vastu expert also said that to get good energy while cooking, a person should face east.

According to Ddhannak, if, for some reason, you are unable to construct a kitchen in the southeast direction, choose the northwest direction. Make sure that the kitchen is never constructed in the north, north-east, or south-west directions of the home since it will drastically ruin relationships between family members.

The washbasins, cleaning area, water pipes, kitchen drain, or any other water element should be in the north or northeast direction inside the kitchen, opposite the fire elements.

Ddhannak recommends the refrigerator be placed in the southwest direction to help you overcome obstacles in life. This positioning will also ensure a peaceful kitchen environment.

Ddhannak told AD, that the washbasins and cooking items, including the gas cylinder and oven, should not be kept on the same platform or adjacent to each other since both fire and water are opposing elements. Such an arrangement could have a negative impact on a person’s behaviour.

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