Is Khalyla Kuhn In Relationship With Bobby Lee? Cheating Allegation Explained


Is Khalyla Kuhn In Relationship With Bobby Lee? Cheating Allegation Explained: The latest post of the podcaster has sparked various questions about her relationship with Bobby Lee. Khalyla Kuhn and Bobby Lee is together for a long time but the recent post of the podcaster prompted various questions about her relationship with her husband. Since she posted her last post people have gone mad and taken over the internet to find out what is the reality. However, we are here to kill all the queries of our readers regarding the same. If you are also seeking information about Khalyla Kuhn’s relationship then you are on the right web page. However, the noteworthy question of this moment is if Bobby Lee and podcaster Khalyla Kuhn are still together or not. In the below-placed section, we will tell what is the reality and made you clear on the ongoing discussion about her picture. Follow More Update On

Is Khalyla Kuhn In Relationship With Bobby Lee?

Bobby Lee is a renowned comedian while his wife is a famous podcaster. Furthermore, the couple met for the first time on Tinder and after their first meeting, they started dating each other. Further, they decided to take things forward and got married but now people have started questioning their relationship since Khalyla Kuhn posted a picture of herself. Keep reading his article to learn more about this topic.

In the recent post, the podcaster is carrying Carlos on her lap. In that picture, both are looking so close to each other. Meanwhile, this photo is the bone of contention as since people watched her picture they have been perplexed over her relationship with Boby Lee. However, we have found that there is no such recipe catering between Khalyla Kuhn and Carlos. It is just a casual photo in which she is lifting Carlos on her lap. Moreover, she also quoted, “it is his birthday, so I will carry him in a Kangaroo pouch throughout the day”. She is treating him friendly on the occasion of his birthday.

However, the podcaster is yet to address the matter and she is yet to release any statement on this controversial picture. People who are eager to view that post can visit her Insta room by searching her username @khalamityk. Her Insta account has garnered more than 329K followers. She is living as Bobby Lee’s wife since 2016 when the couple tied the knot in New York six years ago. Stay tuned to this page for more information.

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