Lock Upp winner Munawar Faruqui goes for movie date with girlfriend Nazila, pap calls her ‘bhabhi’

Lock Upp winner Munawar Faruqui stepped out for a movie date with his girlfriend Nazila Sitashi and got papped by the media. When the cameraperson was capturing Munawar and Nazil, he asked them if he has came to watch a film. Munawar said, “Ha bhai phele baar film dekhne aaya hoon… 3 mahiney ke baad.” 

Then paparazzo addressed Nazil as ‘bhabhi’ and asked her about Munawar’s jounrey in Lock Upp. At first Nazila laughed by hearing ‘bhabhi’ from the cameraperson. Then she replied, “Bahut aachi thi journey… aur kitni aachi thi, yeh toh poore Hindustan ne dekha. Toh aap humse kya puchte hai. Then Munawar humbly asked pap to let him go as they’re getting late for the film. 

Watch the whole conversation

Previously, while speaking to Etimes, Munawar confirmed that he has been dating Nazil before entering the show. “I’ve known Nazil for a year now and we have been dating for a few months.” He deliberately chose to keep his relationship hidden, “The situation inside the house was not right to talk about Nazil. As I was inside the show and she was outside and I was not there with her at that moment in the outside world. So, I refrained from revealing her identity. I don’t think it is wrong to be protective about our loved ones and the moment I came out I posted her picture.” 

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Faruqui even added that after the show, he become more expressive, “Lock Upp was a learning experience for me and because of the show I’ve become more vocal “Jo nahi kehta tha…woh bhi ab kehne laga hoon. I’ve become more expressive now.” After winning the reality show, Munawar surprised everyone by posing a mirror selfie with Nazil. He even attended the show’s success bash with the girl, and this has sent #Munjali (Munawar and Anjali Arora) fans shocked.  



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