Mehboob: I don’t know why a new version of `Mangta Hai Kya` was required


Writer- lyricist Mehboob was recently part of Tiger Shroff, Tara Sutaria and Nawazuddin SiddiquisHeropanti 2.He spoke to about the remix of his iconic songMangta Hai KyafromRangeela,` his sabbatical due to health reasons, the quality of lyrics over the years and more. 

How did Heropanti 2 come to you?

I got a call from AR Rahman and he told me someone wants to talk to me! On the con call was Ahmed Khan. We started talking about Rangeela and Lakeer, then Rahman said ‘lets move on, we are doing Heropanti 2.’ It was big news for me, we were overwhelmed and started working on tracks and lyrics the very next day. Rahman would send us tunes which Ahmed and I would select. ForDafa Kar` song the lyrics were ready first and then Rahman prepared the music. 

You had taken a sabbatical due to health reasons…

I was going through a bad backache and it escalated to a point where I would cry like a child. Later the doctor diagnosed it as multiple slip disc. When you are in so much pain how can you be creative? I had to undergo physiotherapy sessions but I’ve started working again after I recovered. 

How according to you, has the industry changed over the years?

Change is the only constant, the way the industry functions has changed over the years and that’s what is required. Technicians have changes, techniques have changed, the change is good! Filmmakers are getting to express themselves through OTT.

Would you agree that quality of lyrics has deteriorated over time?

I wouldn’t agree that lyrics are deteriorating but they are being told in a new style. It depends on whether the public accepts it or not.

What are your thoughts about the new version of Mangta Hai Kya?

I don’t know why a new version of Mangta Hai Kya was required. Our song was already modern and matched the situation in the film. Even Zanjeer was remade but it didn’t work. I only know that we did a fabulous job!


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