Rajya Sabha MP and Zee Group founder Dr Subhash Chandra talks about technology at IIIT-Hyderabad event

Zee Media Founder, Essel Group Chairman, and Rajya Sabha MP Dr Subhash Chandra while speaking in the seminar of IIIT Hyderabad urged that “technology should be used for the good of society. Let’s work together to create new ideas”. 

The media baron was speaking at a seminar on the technological future of media and movies at the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad. 

He also interacted with students of the institute and shared his vision.

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“Technology has a deep relationship with humans. For this, it is necessary to understand humans first. It is said in the Vedas that man lives in three states – one when he is awake, another when he is dreaming, and the third when he is asleep,” Subhash Chandra said. 

“There has been a radical change in technology since we started Zee TV in the 1990s. Technology can be used for both good and evil. Drones are being used for deliveries today. Age reduction technology is also becoming available,” Subhash Chandra added and advised the use of technology for rural development too.

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“Mahatma Gandhiji worked to strengthen the villages. Today, the Constitution is not as it was envisioned by Gandhiji. His ‘Swaraj’ was to give control of governance at the village level,” Subhash Chandra said.

Speaking on the prospect of OTT platforms, he said both OTT and theatres will coexist in the future. “OTT adds the possibility of controlling the content,” Subhash Chandra said.

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