The best Marvel movies, ranked


What do you think is the best Marvel movie ever? The MCU is so vast and varied these days that the franchise warrants its own ranked list! And while we love the MCU, there’s no denying that not every film to ever come out of Marvel Studios is a smash hit. We’re looking at you, Thor: The Dark World…

So, if you were only going to watch the top 15 best Marvel movies of all time, which movies would make the cut? The Avengers? Black Panther? Guardians of the Galaxy? There’s so many great MCU films to choose from, it’s harder than you think narrowing them down to just the top 15, but that’s what we’ve tried to do. The question is, does our ranked list line up with yours? Read on to find out what we think are the best Marvel movies ever and if you don’t agree… well, no one’s going to force you to watch our ranked list instead of yours, so no need to @ us. 

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