The teaser of Marathi film ‘Bhirkit’ spreads fountains of laughter


‘Bhirkit’ is slated for release on 17th June to bring laughter in the audience. A few days ago, a funny poster of ‘Bhirkit’ presented by Classic Enterprise, produced by Suresh Jamtaraj Oswal and Bhagyavanti Suresh Oswal came to the notice of the audience. Curiosity about the film was heightened by this poster. In addition, the teaser of the film has now reached the audience. Directed by Anup Jagdale, the film stars Girish Kulkarni, Rishikesh Joshi, Monalisa Bagul, Kushal Badrike, Sagar Karande, Langadya alias Tanaji Galgunde, Kailas Waghmare, Usha Naik and Yakub Syed.

While ‘Bhirkit’ of earning money, fame and happiness is behind everyone, ‘Tatya’ is living in a different world. Only after seeing ‘Bhirkit’ will one know exactly what happens in his world and whether he comes out of it. It turned out to be a hilarious comedy and family film. Anup Jagdale, the director of ‘Bhirkit’, says, “Basically, what is ‘Bhirkit’? The name of the film is a question mark. So how much is left, how much has changed, it will all be seen in ‘Bhirkit’, it is a multistarrer movie, of course it needed a story, but it has all the cast. Girish Kulkarni has played the role of Tatya in this movie. Earlier we have seen his quality acting in various films like Valu, Vihir, Gabhricha Paus, Jaudyana Balasaheb, Faster Fene. He has also made his mark in Bollywood films. Will be seen.”

The screenplay and dialogues of ‘Bhirkit’ are by Pratap Gangawane and it is a great comedy film. ‘Bhirkit’ by Hindi duo Shail and Preetesh has got music.

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