Why Sonia Gandhi banned mobile devices at Chintan Shivir meetings


The Congress and Sonia Gandhi have been taking the information leaks quite seriously.

Udaipur: The Congress leadership, currently in an introspection huddle in Rajasthan’s Udaipur, has barred mobile phones from its Chintan Shivir meetings. Before the start of the deliberations, where senior leaders are expected to discuss structural overhaul of the party hit by a spate of electoral losses and defections of important politicians to BJP, Congress general secretary Ajay Maken requested the leaders to put their mobile phones in lockers outside the meeting rooms, several reports said. The three-day Chintan Shivir began on Friday with the party chief Sonia Gandhi addressing over 400 delegates.

According to reports, Sonia Gandhi, at the Congress Working Committee meeting this week, had expressed concerns on internal discussions being leaked to the media. As she wanted to maintain confidentiality, the organisers of the event barred delegates from carrying their mobile phones inside the meeting rooms. 

Further making the meetings leak-proof, the Congress leadership is trying to ensure no one but the delegates are present inside these rooms.

“Before the address of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, the announcement was made to put their phones in locker rooms. Congress members have strictly been asked to not bring their phones during the meetings so as to keep the meeting very confidential,” the news agency ANI quoted a Congress source as saying.

The Congress has been taking the information leaks quite seriously. The agency reported that for at least two CWC meetings, members had been asked to part from their mobile devices.

Gandhi, addressing the event, launched a sharp attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said he was trying to keep the country in what she called a permanent state of polarisation. 

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She also stressed reforming the party through collective efforts.

“Our revival is only possible through collective efforts. Such collective efforts will not be deferred. This Shivir is the start of the journey. The circumstances before our organisation are unprecedented. Extraordinary situations demand extraordinary action. I am fully alert to this. The organisation has to bring changes within itself, not just to stay alive but to move forward. We are in dire need of improvement and changing strategy,” the news agency PTI quoted her as saying.

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