Kangana Ranaut feels The Avengers was inspired by Mahabharata

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has always been vocal about her thoughts. She never fails to express her feelings. In a recent interview, Kangana claimed that Avengers is inspired by Indian Vedas.

While speaking to ETimes, the actress said that she feels West borrows from our mythology. She compared Iron Man’s armour with Mahabharata’s Karan’s armour. While talking about Thor and his hammer, she remembered Hanumanji and his Gada (mace). She feels that The Avengers was also ‘inspired by the Mahabharata.’

She further mentioned that their visual perspective may be different, but the ‘origins of superhero stories are inspired by Vedas’.

Kangana Ranaut is known for making controversial, unfiltered statements, and she has been criticised for the same. However, the actress feels that her Dhaakad co-star Arjun Rampal isn’t less controversial, and he has also made such remarks, but he gets away with it. 

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While speaking with Siddharth Kannan, Arjun Rampal asserted that he knows Kangana very well. Arjun said that Kangana is entirely opposite of her on-screen persona, calling her a God-fearing person who loves to do Yoga. He further added that he can even identify a suitable groom for her, “Main toh yeh bhi bata dunga kaun unke kaabil hain.” 

Kangana even added that it’s society’s conditioning that allows Arjun to get away from his comments, and unlike her, there is no bad press for him. Arjun who plays Rudraveer in the upcoming film has joked about his earlier collaboration with the actress. He even refused to name the film, and said, “Uska naam lena bhi paap hai.” Kangana instantly interrupted him and added that if she would have said the same thing, there she would have to face consequences, “A guy can get away with anything, lekin agar maine kissi ko keh diya.” 


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