Masaba Gupta thought acting was all fun and games until she faced the camera


Unbelievable, right! During her conversation with Mirchi’s Shape of You host, Shilpa Shetty, actress, and fashion designer Masaba Gupta admitted that she thought that actors had it all very easy. Masaba told Shilpa that whenever she saw her mother Neena Gupta being exhausted she wondered how can her mom be so tired? After all, her work is all about looking glam and putting on nice clothes! Later, when Masaba shot for her show, she realized that acting is a painstaking job. In this ninth episode, Masaba shared everything from her fitness journey to her go-to diet routine and also shattered some commonly known and followed fitness myths.

If you missed it, log on to Filmy Mirchi, and catch the full episode right now! Fans can stay tuned on @filmy.mirchi to get the latest updates on the very first season of Pintola Presents Shape of You, exclusively on Filmy Mirchi!

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