Shweta Tiwari makes funny reel with daughter Palak Tiwari, asks her to clean car, wash dishes

Actress Shweta Tiwari and her daughter Palak Tiwari are one terrific combo, and they have proved it with their latest reel. Sr Tiwari shared a reel on her Instagram and it instantly went viral for its funny and relatable content. 

In the video, Palak tried to meditate and asked the universe about her focus points. Shweta was sitting behind and suggested Palak to fold her laundry. The latter replied ‘something else.’ Then Shweta suggested Palak to wash the dishes, and again Palak asked for something else. Shweta then asks her to clean the car, and Palak got irked and shouts ‘ah universe,’ and Palak ignored her. 

Here’s the reel

The video went instantly viral, and people adored the mother-daughter duo’s seamless chemistry. Actress Surbhi Jyoti posted laughing emojis on the post. One of the users said, “As mom same daughter.” Another user added, “Mom always like this.” One of the netizens added, “So very cute and true.” Another netizen added, “Nice.god bless both.aap ko dek ker achcha lagta hai.” 

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Recently, Palak Tiwari shared her opinion on nepotism. In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Palak said, “I believe that outsiders are marginalised and to a sense that is true, maybe sometimes they are overlooked. But you know there are equal cons I would say of being related to someone that has made it. More than anything else, just the pressure of living up to what they have created and the love that audiences have for them. I know, that no matter what I do, people will always think that my mom is better and that is something that I have never refuted in my life and I will never because she is better. I am a part of her. I am a much smaller part of her. So for me to grow where she is, it will take me a lot of time. But also, my mom had a lot of struggle in her life from a young age.”

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