Types And Symptoms That Can Help You Identify the Disease


Are you feeling tired and sleepy, all day? You might be suffering from a sleep disorder. The collection of conditions that affect one’s ability to sleep properly is known as sleep disorders. Some of the most common reasons for sleep disorders are stress, bad sleeping habits, and a disturbed sleep cycle, among others.

Sleep disorders are very common, and over 100 types of sleep disorders have already been defined by the medical community. The most common sleep disorders are:


Sleep Paralysis

Snoring and sleep apnea



Circadian problems

Periodic limb movements (sleep)

Restless leg syndrome

While these are some of the most common sleeping disorders, look out for these symptoms to know if you are suffering from one of these sleep disorders.

Daytime sleepiness – Feeling tired and sleepy in the middle of the day might be one of the symptoms of a sleep disorder.

Problems falling or staying asleep – When you can’t fall asleep in your sleep hours is one major sleep disorder symptom. If you keep waking up in the middle of the night or do not feel sleepy when it’s time for you to sleep, you must visit your doctor.

You wake up tired and not very fresh – It doesn’t matter how long you have slept, you always wake up in a tired or bad mood where you don’t feel fresh and full of energy.

Unusual sleeping habits – You may move too much or are unable to move even a single muscle while sleeping, despite your best efforts. Or, if your roommates tell you that you snore too much, you must have a disorder.

These symptoms and patterns are major indicators of sleeping disorders, and if you experience any of these, you might want to visit a doctor for a checkup. Different sleep disorders have different treatments. While some of them are mild disorders and can be treated with the help of short-term use of medication or therapy, others are more severe and require medical attention as soon as you detect them. A somnologist or a sleep doctor can help you diagnose a sleep disorder. The sooner it is treated, the more properly your body and mind will rest. Remember that good sleep is necessary to keep you mentally and physically sound and to give your absolute best at everything that you do.

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