Fourteen crematoriums in Mumbai go eco-friendly


Fourteen civic-run crematoriums are switching from wood to briquettes, a fuel derived from tree waste. Around 6,200 bodies are cremated at these 14 sites every year, and 300 kg of wood, obtained from two trees, are used on one pyre, said officials. Thousands of trees can be saved by using briquettes for cremations.

There are around 1,000 wood pyres at 54 Hindu crematoriums across the city, along with PNG and electrical pyres. Now, the BMC has decided to use briquettes in 14 crematoriums that may save 1,860 tonne (18.6 lakh kg) of tree wood every year.

“The use of briquette biomass, made from agro or tree waste, is found to be relatively more environmentally friendly. In a traditional crematorium, 300 kg of wood is provided by the BMC for each body. This 300 kg of wood is usually obtained from two trees. However, as part of an eco-friendly initiative, briquette biomass will be used instead of wood at 14 crematoriums,” said BMC’s Health Executive Officer Dr Mangala Gomare.

Briquettes are made from tree waste that is generally thrown away. For cremating one body, about 250 kg of briquette is sufficient, as the combustion heat it generates is higher than that of wood.

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