Kangana Ranaut calls Bollywood actors ‘not relatable’, says ‘dekhne me lagte hai uble hue ande’

Kangana Ranaut, who is known for her outspokenness, has once again expressed her support for South films.  People can relate to South cinema because they are profoundly steeped in their culture, Kangana remarked, praising their ability to stay connected with their audience.

“The way they have a connect with their audience is very strong,” Kangana told ABP Live, criticising how Bollywood celebrities and their star kids go off to other countries, watch English films, and speak primarily in English, further separating them from the public.

Kangana said, “With us, the kids go abroad to complete their studies. They talk in English, watch only Hollywood films. Talk differently. So, how will they connect? Dekhne me bhi ajeeb se aise lagte hai jaise uble hue ande (They even look weird like boiled eggs). So, people cannot relate.” 

“Look how Pushpa looks like someone we know. Every laborer is able to connect with him. Tell me which of our actors can look like a laborer? They cannot. So, their culture (of South film industry) and their down-to-earth quality is paying them off. I hope they don’t start taking inspiration from the West,” Kangana said.

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As the discussion progressed, Kangana stated that the racket run by major camps allows Bollywood blockbusters to earn over Rs 300 crore. The actor stated that she has always fought for rich content, and that the audience now understands this. She claims that the majority of scripts coming from these camps (referring to major production houses) are of poor quality, which is one of the reasons she has never accepted to be a part of a film or star alongside A-listers.



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