Loan sharking scandal: ‘They morphed my 8-year-old son’s photo’


Loan shark cases are popping up everywhere in the city. In a recent case, a 34-year-old mess owner from Gowalia Tank has alleged that loan recovery agents circulated morphed photos of him and his son among his relatives. He said even after he repaid the borrowed amount along with interest within seven days, he continues to receive calls from agents. Gamdevi police have filed a case against unknown persons.

The complainant said he received a text message offering a loan on May 3. As he was in need of money at the time, he clicked on the link provided in the message which redirected him to Dutta Rupee. He downloaded the app and filled out his information and on May 4, he received Rs 8,800 through four different transactions along with a text message, asking him to repay the same in eight days. 

The complainant had taken Rs 8,800 as loan. Representation pic

However, on May 10, he received a call from an agent who asked him to pay Rs 10,720, which he paid the next day. However, he kept getting calls and video calls from the agents. 

“I told them that I paid the money with interest, but they kept asking for more. They even told me that I had sent the money to someone else. After this, they morphed my 8-year-old son and my photos and circulated among our relatives,” the complainant said. 

He then approached the Gamdevi police and an offence was registered under Section 420 (cheating) of the IPC and relevant Sections of the IT Act against unknown persons. 

“This is beyond my imagination, how can they morph the picture of an eight-year-old boy! I am cursing myself for taking the loan. I was counselled by cops at the police station and asked to stay calm. But Mumbai Police need to nab these people,” he added. No arrest have been made in the case yet.

Rs 8,800
Amount of the loan he took

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