Next Time You Take A Selfie, Keep These Tips In Mind

No matter what you do, taking a selfie to make it look larger than life or prettier than it is has become mandatory on Instagram. However, lack of technical knowledge can lead to bad quality selfies. People take bad selfies for many reasons, such as the absence of the right angle, excess light or less light, etcetera. Here we will tell you tips to keep in mind to get that perfect selfie.

Default mode

Whenever you take a selfie, make sure that all the settings are in default mode. Doing so will make sure that the light and effects on your face are automatically set to proper levels and the time taken to capture a pic would also be less.


Keep in mind that the ambience lighting is good. Face towards the light instead of away. The light coming from behind you can ruin the selfie by being too bright.

Avoid group photography

The lesser the number of people, the better the selfie. Make sure to have the least number of people in a pic to capture good selfies. Otherwise, the quality of each face in the pic goes down and the resultant group selfie isn’t good.

Use a timer

It is very difficult to touch the camera button while taking a selfie. This shakes the photo and things get blurry. To avoid this, use timer. You can use a timer of 3 to 5 seconds to take good photos and adjust the camera angle in those 3-5 seconds.

Highlight your side profile

Tilt towards the left or right depending on which side is photogenic. Highlight that side profile in the pic to have a great selfie to post on social media accounts.

Eyes on the camera lens

Many people look at the screen of the phone while taking a selfie. This makes your eyes focus are at a weird lower angle making the photo look bad. Focus your eyes on the camera lens instead of the screen to have a better selfie.

Avoid zooming in

Avoid zooming in while taking a selfie as it distorts the photo quality. If required, zoom about 2x to 4x. More than that and the picture quality will be destroyed because of the zoom and the selfie will be a blur.

Use a selfie stick

If you are traveling alone, then it’s better to use a selfie stick. The selfie stick helps you capture a quality pic from a distance and the view behind you is also clearly visible.

Shoulder position

Tilt your shoulder slightly to a side to take that perfect selfie. If you keep the shoulders parallel to the camera, you appear too stiff and that makes you look bad in the selfie.

No same pose

If you give the same pose everywhere, selfies can get boring. People can also experiment with their looks by changing their outfits and accessories to look more intriguing in their selfies. Shoes, watch, sunglasses, earrings, and other accessories are often some things people notice in a selfie.

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