Chris Hemsworth speaks on potentially breaking Hugh Jackman’s superhero record

As the release of Thor: Love and Thunder draws closer, star Chris Hemsworth is reflecting on the amount of time he has played the MCU role and his future in regards to playing him again. Should Hemsworth play Thor for six more years, he would break Hugh Jackman’s superhero record as the Australian actor played Logan/Wolverine for 16 years. Hemsworth is at the 11-year mark and he’s speaking about potentially breaking the milestone.

During an interview with BBC Radio 1’s Ali Plumb, Hemsworth spoke about Thor: Love and Thunder, and Plumb mentioned that he has now played the character for 11 years. When Hemsworth, who is 38, was asked if he can see himself “swinging the ol Stormbreaker in 6 years” to beat Jackman’s 16-year record, the actor said, “I wasn’t gonna but now that you’ve put that in front of me, you make a good point. It’s only six years, I’ve come this far. To turn back now would just be a waste.”

Of course, Hemsworth is saying this in a joking manner but he hasn’t really expressed an interest in putting down his hammer and retiring the role. He seems game to return as long as the projects are good enough and the fact that he’s the only MCU performer so far to star in four standalone films, I can see him going six more years as it seems he enjoys playing the character. The actor does jokingly discuss doing a cameo in Deadpool 3 just to jokingly piss off Jackman so that would be funny if it was that appearance that made him take the crown.

Jackman began playing Wolverine in 2000’s X-Men. He would go on to play the character seven times before ending his run with 2017’s Logan at the age of 47. Hemsworth began playing Thor in the 2011 titular film and has also appeared seven times in the MCU films. Jackman once held the distinction for the longest time playing a superhero alongside his X-Men co-star Patrick Stewart but they both were unseated by Tobey Maguire, Willem Dafoe, and J.K. Simmons following their appearances in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Do YOU think Chris Hemsworth will play Thor for six more years?

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